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    I grew up in rural Essex, England, and have been baking ever since I can remember. I learnt mainly from my grandma who rarely made less than 6 puddings when I went to visit. After a back operation for scoliosis when I was 15, I was forced to stop doing sport, so I dived head first into baking and all things creative instead. I was lucky enough to be a baker on Season 10 of Channel 4's 'The Great British Bake Off" and made it all the way to the final. I'm currently a Geography teacher in central London, continuing to combine my love of teaching with baking.

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    Delish UK - Cookie Making Tips

    I spoke to Delish UK about how to make foolproof cookies with some hints and tips Read More

    Arcadia Online

    Want something decadent to make for dessert? Try this hazelnut and chocolate tart I made for Arcadia online  Read more  


    Looking for something to bake during lockdown? Have a go at these Raspberry and Chocolate sandwich biscuits I did for Cosmo! Read more  

    London Live

    With all the uncertainty of COVID-19, I spoke to London Live about remote teaching and helping students to cope at a difficult time. See more

    Tips from the Top

    I spoke to the Metro about being a Geography teacher, and more about getting into teaching. Read more

    Bake Off Wins a TRIC Award!

    Presented by Lorraine Kelly and Ainsley Harriott, Bake Off won Best TV Food Show, and it was such an exciting day! Well done to everyone that has worked on the show!

    A Bitesize Taste of The World

    I combined my baking and geography knowledge and teamed up with BBC Bitesize to see if I could guess where all of these delicacies were from, and I didn't do too badly if I do say so myself.  Read more  

    Teaching Careers

    Ever thought about a career in teaching? I spoke to BBC Teach about my experiences as a teacher and how rewarding teaching can be Read more  

    From the Classroom to Bake Off

    I spoke to Modern Muse (a charity which provides a platform for girls aged 13-18 to see female role models working in a number of different fields) about my experiences as a teacher and on Bake Off Read more  

    Bake Off wins an NTA!

    It was such a delight to attend the National Television Awards, especially going on stage to receive an award for Best Challenge Show! Thank you to everyone that voted and for the amazing team that make the show happen Read more  

    Guardian Feast - New Year's Eve Recipe

    Stuck for ideas on what to serve on New Year's Eve? I've teamed up with the boys to create a dinner fit for any celebration! Read more  

    Mince Pie Taste Testing

    Who ate all the pies? Me, clearly! I was lucky enough to taste test this year's range of supermarket mince pies. But who came out on top, and who crumbled? Read more  

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